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SupFRP® GFRP Solid Bolt 

The SupFRP® GFRP Solid Bolt is used in Mining, Tunneling and Civil Engineering widely. It provides more possibilities as an alternative to metal. The GFRP Solid Bolt is manufactured with high quality GFRP material (Glassfiber Reinforced Polymer). The GFRP Solid Bolt have a high tensile load and bearing capacity with accessories, but the weight is only one quarter of metal product. The GFRP Solid Bolt can be cut freely due to all-threaded profiles at job site.

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The SupFRP® GFRP Solid Bolt can also realize fast installing in mining applications.

This package includes bolt, nut and plate. With high torsion resistance, the GFRP Solid Bolt can be drilled under high torque without damaging the bolt .

After insertion of the resin cartridge, the bolt can be pushed by rotating the blind end of the nut, thus realize better consolidation inside the borehole. Later the nut can be twisted through the bolt thus lock it.


  • High corrosion resistance

  • 100+ years service life

  • Easy handling due to low weight

  • High tensile load

  • Cuttability

  • High torsion resistance

  • Anti-static(optionally)


  • Mining support

  • Face bolting

  • Soil nail

  • Slope stabilization

  • Permanent application

  • Temporary support





    GFRP Solid Bolt     S18/150    S20/200    S22/250    S24/300    S25/350    S27/400    S30/490    S32/560
    Outside Diameter (mm)*1    18    20    22    24    25    27    30    32
    Nominal Cross sectional area (mm2)*2    150   200    250    300    350    400    510    580
    Guaranteed tensile load (kN)    150    200    250    300    350    400    490    560
    Tensile E-Modulus (GPa)    50    50    50    50    50    50    50    50
    Ultimate Strain    2.0%
    Weight (kg/m)     0.42    0.56    0.69    0.76    0.90    1.04    1.30    1.45
    High Tortion Type    Available
    Length  (m)    (1) x 2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7, x8, x9, x10, x11, 

*1 Including Waved Thread Structure

*2 Characteristic Stress Value in core



Other Types are available as requested


SGS Test Report of SupFRP Solid Bolt 


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